Our Law Firm

The firm is managed in the form of an association of professionals that is currently composed of nine members, of which eight are lawyers and ONE is a chartered accountant and auditor. Other lawyers, chartered accountants and various administrative and IT staff work together with the firm. Located in one of the most prestigious Capitoline neighborhoods, it has an operational area of ​​approximately 950 square meters. on three floors, with over 40 computerized workstations, networked together, with external high-speed connection.
It also features a high-tech data center unit that guarantees the security and absolute privacy of the processed data, managed by a highly qualified system administrator and certified by the best software houses, for the management of the entire computer system. The high specialization of the services offered has allowed the members of the Firm to be part of the experimentation of the computerized system of the Court of Rome - Section for Special Provisions and Section for Real Estate Executions.
The firm operates in all national forums, thanks to a solid and efficient network of professionals, always connected, in real time, with the main office.


The Firm provides legal assistance in all types of corporate, financial and commercial disputes, with specific expertise in the areas of banking law, financial law and financial services, including due diligence in transactions relating to securitization processes.
It carries out activities mainly of a contentious nature before all Jurisdictional Bodies, offering, at the same time, consultancy services and management of outsourced disputes, in favor of banks and financial institutions, or large companies that want to outsource all or part of the management of the dispute .
The assistance includes the drafting of pro-veritate opinions, as well as the study of procedural strategies deriving from a careful examination of the jurisprudential evolution and the elaboration of acts aimed at investigating complex issues, without neglecting any aspect that can guarantee a complete defense .
It offers technical-accounting assistance in judicial proceedings, through the work of chartered accountants and auditors who are part of the Firm.
The success with which, for over twenty years, the Firm has been operating in the sector of insolvency, executive and general restructuring procedures, with one of the most qualified teams in Italy in this field, is undisputed.
The activity is focused on the crisis and the insolvency of the company in all its ramifications.
The firm is at the forefront in dealing with its customers with the problems arising from the recent credit crunch and the slowdown in the real economy.
It manages, in outsourcing, the credit portfolio of leading companies, the liability litigation of some banking institutions and IT has a structure perfectly suited to supporting due diligence operations.
Assists industrial and commercial companies, financial institutions and investment banks in the structuring and activation of any extraordinary corporate operation.
The structures the make up the FIRM and professionalism of his members are able to guarantee the use of management programs owned by the institutes concerned.


The objectives of the Firm are to provide its customers with a highly professional, competent and personalized service, attentive to their real needs, fast and dynamic, capable of supporting them in all their legal problems to achieve the best management of their business. The constant training in the areas of competence allows the Firm to provide excellent and highly specialized work performances. The management of the Firm is inspired by the pursuit of the interest of the Customers, to whom the problems and the judicial risks of the concrete case are illustrated. Establishing a relationship of trust with customers characterized by mutual respect, appreciation and fairness is a priority end. the firm tends to be the first contact for those who intend to make use of its collaboration, with the primary objective of offering a partnership, inspired by the principles of ethics and transparency. The primary need is customer satisfaction, which can count on a structure inspired by traditions, but always careful to provide a current and sought after service. The Studio's mission is realized thanks to the excellence and professionalism of the people who work with us. Our mix of resources grown within the studio and external collaborators allows us to implement our vision. We have worked and worked every day for it.


The Firm has as its objective the constant updating of the professionals that compose it and the constant training of all the young collaborators who are part of it, under the careful supervision of lawyers and accountants with more experience. The intent is to reach a rapid and active involvement in the activities, pursuing the development of relational, managerial and communication skills towards customers, counterparts and colleagues. To this end, weekly meetings are organized, in which, with jurisprudential and doctrine contributions, the topics of greatest interest are examined, with particular attention to the needs of young people and new collaborators. The Studio organizes and participates in conferences and seminars, among which, by way of example only, we recall: